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Breaking Away

Senior Seminar

Breaking Away is a day-and-a-half long interactive seminar designed to help explore many of the issues involved in graduating from high school and entering the next phase of life. Especially for those leaving home, the challenges they are going to face are just too big to be swept under the rug and ignored until they actually happen.  What will "freedom" from the family system actually feel like, and what potential dangers lie there? What does it mean to "reinvent" myself to an entirely new social group, and how is that both a positive and a negative? When my atheist professors start to attack my faith, will they really have any good arguments that might upset my equilibrium? What DO most people outside my Christian sphere believe about the world? Does it really matter that much if I stay connected to the fellowship of the local church during my college years? What IS the main goal of these college years?

While some youth ministries have the time and resources to delve into these post-youth ministry concerns, many do not.  Breaking Away is an opportunity to gather together with other high school seniors from different church backgrounds, make some new friends, and begin the serious work of preparing for the transition ahead, so that those years can be navigated, as one ex-President of Wheaton College was fond of saying, "not somehow, but triumphantly!"  

Breaking Away Winter Seminar details coming soon!