Ancient Foundations. Contemporary Challenges. Young adult ministry for the 21st century.


How we got here...

Look around; ask a handful of church leaders: where is the younger generation? Why do all the statistics claim that millenials are walking away from their Christian upbringing at an alarming rate? And most importantly: what is to be done about it?

To play a role in answering that question is why Genlife exists...

What Genlife does:

Where HERE is

GenLIFE is currently operating primarily in the Detroit Metropolitan area, except for the Warrior's Path ministry, which is more nationally based. However, we hope that what we are doing in collaboration with local church congregations in the western Detroit suburbs will be an example for cities all across the country. We envision a time when GenLIFE missionaries will be available to come alongside whole communities in other locations and provide them with the staffing they need to bring young adult ministry to the foreground of the Church's attention.